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Corinthian Software is dedicated to the development of software for use in church offices. The software that we develop is designed for ease of use while at the same time offering many powerful features. Our software is designed for personal computers that run the Microsoft Windows © operating system.

We bring many years of software development experience to the creation of programs that make your job easier. Our first product offering is called Service Bulletin Builder. It is specifically designed for use in Episcopal churches but many of its features can be used by other denominations. Our website provides a comprehensive introduction to this product and allows you to download a copy of it.


Service Bulletin Builder is a software tool that allows you to easily generate service bulletins using a Word document template.

Intended Users

The program is designed for use by one or more staff members in a parish who have responsibility for creating the service bulletin each week.

What does it do ?

You select what information will appear in the bulletin from several different categories, then build the bulletin automatically.

Install the Program

The program may be downloaded from the link found in the Download Program page.

User's Manual

An online User's Manual is available once you have installed the program

  • A powerful tool for managing the content of service bulletins that is designed for use in Episcopal Churches
  • Benefits from a thoroughly thought-out, clean and simple user interface to speed-up the task of generating a service bulletin.
  • Specifically designed for the liturgy of the Episcopal Church
  • Interfaces with Microsoft Word © and Excel ©
  • Facilitates collaboration between staff members
  • Built in lectionary for Years A, B and C
  • Automatically inserts names of participants into the service bulletin
  • Includes an email function for communicating with service participants
  • Select the service music from hymnals and other sources
  • Allows you to build your own music databases
  • Easily manage and incorporate music files into the service bulletin
  • Can view the Liturgical calendar for any year
  • Online User's Manual available


The program inserts the correct lectionary readings for any Sunday or Holy Day in the church year. The Revised Common Lectionary is used for Holy Eucharist services and the Daily Office lectionary for morning or evening prayer services.

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The program imports a list of participants from an Excel spreadsheet. The list can also be created using an Excel template that contains the roles of the participants with place holders for the participant names. An email function allows participants to be notified about their role in the service.

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The program streamlines the music selection process. It allows the Music Director to plan the hymns and other music selections for the service and communicate these choices to another staff member for inclusion in the service bulletin.

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The Service Planner allows the user to select the date, time and type of service. The program makes provision for 2 morning services and 1 afternoon service of various types. If there is more than one service, a separate set of information is created for each service and the user can easily switch between services.

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A Word document template is required in order to build the bulletin. An existing bulletin can be used as the starting point for the template and modified so it contains placeholders for all the information that changes on a weekly basis. The program opens the Word template in the background, creates the bulletin and saves it with a unique file name.

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To download the Service Bulletin Builder program, please click on the link below.