The lectionary tab on the main program screen displays all the information that relates to the lectionary. It lists the lessons for the next Sunday or Holy Day service and has a reading pane that displays the text of the lessons, Psalm or the collect.  

Sunday Date and Lectionary

When the program is started, it calculates the date of the next Sunday in the liturgical year (or next Holy Day date whichever is first) and automatically loads the lectionary that is appointed for use on that particular day.  The type of service determines which lectionary is used.  For Holy Eucharist services it is the Revised Common Lectionary and for morning or evening prayer the Daily Office lectionary is used.

Lectionary Tracks and Alternative Lessons

If the Revised Common Lectionary allows for alternative lessons or Psalms, the alternative ones are listed also. The user may select which ones are to be used.

The user may change the service date in order to select other Sundays or Holy Days.

Lectionary Cycles and Tracks

The program incorporates the 3-year cycle of lessons for the Revised Common Lectionary (RCL) and the 2-year cycle of lessons for the Daily Office lectionary.  In the case of the RCL, it also allows for 2 different tracks to be followed.  In some case, the lesson may have optional text and this may be selected or excluded.

The Revised Common Lectionary for each Sunday or Holy Day in the liturgical calendar year includes the Collect and the Psalm In addition to the lessons.